Mistress Makes-You-Pay Stars in Financial Femdom Webcam Sessions

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Bossy Financial Femdom Mistress the eTempress does cam to cam money slavery chat sessions. Seeking men to finance her lifestyle, which is expensive, and profligate.


eTemptress Demolishes Your Wallet & Your Ego in Money Slavery Chat Sessions

Bombshell money mistress seeks paypigs to service her extravagant lifestyle in financial domination webcam sessions.


Rated ★★★★★ Age: 32 | Sex: Female | Sexuality: Bisexual| Measurements: 33″-62″-34″ (85-157-87 cm) | Cup size: D | Ass size: Medium | Eye color: Green | Hair: Blonde | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Curvy


Her Fetishes: Findom Femdom, Strapon Femdom, Sissy Training, Tease & Denial, Chastity Enforcement, Cucolding, CFNM, Boots/Shoes/Foot Worship.


She’ll go shopping when your on the phone with her. Carrying her cellphone around in her bag (likely a Chanel, Hermes, or Lana Marks) so you can listen to her spend your money. Ring you up like a register. Think of it like this: she will compel you to a total loss of financial control and dominate you both phycially and mentally.

Naked writhing slaves with your balls in her purse next to her phone and makeup bag if her preferred posture. And you’d better get used to that, if you want to stay on her list of paypigs.

She uses paypigs money to buy herself purses to hold the money that paypigs tribute her  – if you’re lucky she’ll show you what she purchased with your paycheck.


The main thing about the eTemptress: she’s astoundingly hot. It’s one thing if you’re money mistress clicks all your buttons, but might not be an A+, model-scale pretty. The eTemptress will, I’m almost postive check all your checkmarks for being a fantastic mistress for financial femdom, AND she’s crazy good looking. And her huge tits won’t hurt, at all.

It is her desire to belittle, dominate and humiliate you. She does findom webcam sessions online due to the supply discrepency between male submissives and female dominants. Rest assured, she is a rarity: a financial dominatrix this utterly beautiful and completely capable.

You, on the other hand, are a pay pig, and paypigs are dime a dozen. Make sure that you make yourself worth her precious time.

She’s searching for a few loyal money slaves to supplement her lifestyle in live finacial fetish videochat sessions. She doesn’t need your money (does it look like she does? No, it does not), but she wants it, as much so you don’t get to have it, as she does.

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Busty Findom Webcam Mistress Seeks Paypigs to Spoil Her Rotten

busty findom webcam mistressBusty findom webcam mistress BegMe4More takes tributes from paypigs in cam to cam. She’s a 29 year old blonde goddess specializing in findom femdom. She does only femdom – no vanilla, and the only GF role she’ll play is the spoiled GF who takes your money in the form of tributes and won’t even let you jerk off without permission.

BegMe4More Makes You Pay UP in Tribute sessions

Big tits money slave mistress seeks pay pigs to serve her like human ATMs in financial domination webcam sessions.


Rated ★★★★★ Age: 29 | Sex: Female | Sexuality: Bisexual| Measurements: 33″-62″-34″ (85-157-87 cm) | Cup size: D | Ass size: Medium | Eye color: Green | Hair: Blonde | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Curvy

Her Fetishes: Findom Femdom, Strapon Femdom, Sissy Training, Tease & Denial, Chastity Enforcement, Cucolding, CFNM, Boots/Shoes/Foot Worship,

Ravishing busty blonde financial domme BegMe4More is online looking for money slaves and paypigs for private money fetish sessions. I could go down the complete list but suffice to say, this money mistress will complete you. She’ll take your tributes like the heartless vixen she is and give you jack back except her presence.

Bombshell Findomme BegMe4More is online seeking money slaves to spoil her rotten!

She’s bossy, arrogant, spoiled and demanding. She’s so perfect for financial domination cam sessions that you’re gonna be at your CC limit before you know it. She’s a rare mix of sweet and spice, although to be honest it’s a little bit more spice than sweet.

She does findom online and she’s looking for money slaves to support her extravagant lifestyle. But honesly, looking at her and getting to know her a little bit – she deserves whatever extravagance she wants. There’s just something about her.


She’s obviously hot as hell – nearly perfect hourglass figure, beautiful & busty findom webcam mistress who’ll have you mystified lusting. She does private, cam to cam findom chat sessions, and there just for a little bit, she’ll be all yours.

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Ravishing Findom Webcam Teen Makes You Beg Her to Tribute Her

teen findommeFindom webcam teen Lexxie is online draining paypigs in financial domination chat sessions. She’s a beautiful 18 year old teen findomme with a lust for life & lust for your cash. Won’t you pretty please donate to her rent and car note fund. Or in other words, you had fucking better.


LexxieVicious Abuses Paypigs On Cam

Hot teen findomme seeks pay slaves to serve her and get cockteased in cam to cam teen findom webcam sessions.


Rated ★★★★★ Age: 28 | Sex: Female | Sexuality: Bisexual| Measurements: 31″-23″-35″ (78-58-88 cm) | Cup size: B | Ass size: Medium | Eye color: Black | Hair: Black | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Slender.


Fetishes: Findom Femdom, Cuckolding, Ballbusting, Slave Training, Squirting, Bondage, Small Penis Humiliation, Jerk Off Instructions, CEI, CBT, Sissy Training.

She gave herself the name “Vicious” and I gotta say it fits pretty well. She’ll drain your wallet for sure, but you’re gonna have to get her permission to drain your nuts. She does cam to cam financial domination webcam sessions, and she’s such a sexy findomme. Slender body, this cruel, pretty face. She’s hot as hell and she knows it. One of those women – she’ll leave you broke buying pretty things for her, plus rent money and her car note, then tell you to get a better job if you complain about being broke.

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Lexxie does private teen findom cam sessions and tons more femdom fetishes in cam to cam. I’m almost certain that you’ll find she’s a sexy AF teen findomme and well-worthy of your tributes. She’s top-rated by members with 5/5 stars based on 125 ratings. She’s strong, smart and sexy, and she knows exactly how to push your buttons, just like she does the ATM.

Bratty Pay Princess Financial Domination Webcam Chat

bratty princess financial dominationPay princess ShesASexyBray is online for financial domination webcam sessions – seeking money slaves and sugar daddies for cash draining fetish chat. If you’re looking for a bratty pay princess to control you cock, balls and billfold, then you should definitely check out her findom chat. She’s a real hottie, and well-worthy of being your cash princess. 27 years old with huge boobs and a lovely thin body (one of those genetically blessed thin women with a great ass and big tits), she’s online seeking pay pigs to use and abuse like slaves.

Rated ★★★★★ She’s in webcam chat for Financial Domination, Small Penis Humiliation, Pegging, Sissy Training.

Bratty pay princess ShesASexyBrat is online seeking private findom chat sessions so that pay pigs and wallet slaves can easily donate pay checks to her hot ass.

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It’s no wonder she comes so highly rated. This sexy cash princess is well-experienced in financial fetish and femdom head fucking. She’s turned on by power – and it’s a joy to see her turned on. If you’re looking for a properly sexy webcam money mistress, get her in private and let her have her way with you.

Live Money Mistress Demands That You Spoil Her

live money mistressLive money mistress Drew is online demanding cash from subs, slaves and pay pigs in findom webcam chat. She demands that you spoil, worship and adore her, and remit cash as regular as a paycheck to satisfy her urge to control you. She’s smart, sexy, ruthless and manipulative. Sound like your kind of woman? She’s got sex appeal in spade, she’s probably smarter than you and definitely more ruthless. She’s a fantastic findomme with a kinky dominant streak a mile wide. Attention turns her on almost as much as money, and money turns her on a lot. Get her in private money domination chat and she’ll drain your rent money and leave you blue-balled as a smurf. Drew does live financial domination and practices varied other methods of using and abusing her little sissy submissive, pay piggy chat partners. She’ll mock your tiny cock and laugh when you jerk off for her in C2C. She’ll turn you sissy and make you kiss her pretty feet in private chat, take your money and laugh at your cock in private findom chat.

Rated ★★★★★ She’s live for Financial Domination, Ass Worship, Cuckolding, Orgasm Denial, Small Penis Humiliation.

Sexy findomme DrewCox is online seeking wallet slaves for cam to cam wallet fucking femdom chat.

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Findom Webcam Mistress Seeks Wallet Slaves for Tributes

findom webcam mistressFindom webcam mistress Devi is online for mistress/money slave chat sessions. 28 year old findom femdon goddess does live tribute sessions, draining nuts and wallets from paypigs in cam to cam.


Goddess Devi Financially Abuses & Torments You Online Here

Greedy beautiful money mistress seeks money slaves for long-term findom relationship.


Rated ★★★★★ Age: 28 | Sexual Preference: Bisexual | Measurements: 34″-23″-37″ (86-58-93 cm) | Cup Size: C | Ass Size: Medium | Eye Color: Green | Hair Color: Brown | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Muscular

Her Fetishes: Financial Domination, Discipline, CBT, Jerk Off Instructions, Cuckolding, Chastity Training, Tease & Denial, CEI, Foot Worship, Latex/Leather, Slave Training

Devilishly sexy findom webcam mistress Devi is online for cam to cam financial domination in her kinky private chatroom. She’s a master of manipulation and a mistress of domination. If you want to feel what it feels like to be helpless, Devi can assist you in that regard. She takes over, no ifs, ands or buts.

She’s haughty, arrogant, supercillious – all the superlatives you can think of to describe a beautiful findomme, she’s it. Even her smile is haughty, although it’s more of a sneer than anything else.

ULTRA-sexy findom mistress Devi seeks money slaves for T&D financial domination in virtual chat sessions – she’ll make you suffer.

She likes to torture and torment. And she’s so GOOD at it, too! Devi is online seeking wallet slaves and generous, submissive men to punish in her findom chatroom.

Devi is naturally dominant. She expects expensive tributes – because she’s worth it. I doubt you’ll disagree. She’s so obviously beautiful, and her body is nearly perfect. Just wait til you see her in panties or lingerie. She’ll make you beg for it, and spit out dollars like a human ATM just to be allowed to masturbate for her.

Her virtual findom relationships can last for as long as wants it to – months, years of successive requests for tithes and tributes. Devi is into financial domination as a lifestyle, long-term.

You’ll find it easy to worship her. She’s a goddess, and used to being adored. I imagine that Devi has absolutely no problem with getting male attention and even adoration, either online or off. You’ll be waiting in line for her, begging for her attention, and paying for it, too.

And while adoration is one thing, cold, hard cash is quite another. Devi demands both from her pathetic little cuck submissives. Adoration – and cash.

Money slaves adore her. Note her 5/5 stars and 98% approval rating. She’s well-loved by paypigs and money slaves in particular, for her particular sort of cruel findom.

She is very experienced in sexual fetishes, and you’ll have your pick of kinks she’ll practice with you. She’s completely dominant, so don’t expect her to do vanilla, or be sumissive.

You can imagine that she’s your GF if you want. She play along well enough and you’ll have to pay up like a husband for rent payments and shopping sprees. And Devi is EXPENSIVE. You don’t get to be this suave, sexy and sophisticated by chance, and it certainly doesn’t come cheap. You are to provide her with cash and worship, in that order. She’s a financial dominatrix to the core, and she’ll make you her slave, and make you pay.

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Coed Camgirl Financial Domination – Draining Money Slaves

camgirl financial dominationLive camgirl financial domination with crazy sexy coed aGirlOnline. She’s live cockteasing her lithe body in private findom chat – seeking money slaves to pay for books for the next term, toys she’ll fuck for you, panties she’ll strip off for, and hot little ass she’ll tease you with. She’s 23 years old and presently enrolled in a college near you, studying her hot little ass off – but she needs help! She’ll fuck your wallet hard to pay this terms tuition, and has no shame draining your nuts and billfold dry. Part Angel and part Devil – but mostly devil. She’s online for findom webcam chat in private sessions. Just you and this nut busting, ball draining cash princess, all alone. She loves roleplay. Wanna watch her be your sweet fuck princess and masturbate with dildos as big as her wrist? She’s up for that – as long as you wallet comes out empty, she’s up for anything!

Rated ★★★★★ by members. She’s in live chat for Money Slavery, Roleplay, Small Penis Humiliation, CFNM, Hairy Pussy, Masturbation.

Kinky coed aGirlOnline is live for camgirl financial domination in kinky private chat sessions.

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Sexy Financial Dominatrix Seeks Wallet Slaves for Money Domination

sexy financial domiantrixSexy financial dominatrix ExclusiveBabi is online seeking wallet slaves and pay pigs for kinky money domination. She’s an incredibly sexy money mistress with a bangin body – a thick butt hottie with a pretty face and a fetish for mens cash. She’ll ring your register and give you prizes in return – time with her in private chat sessions cockteasing her hot ass. She’s flirty as fuck and loves to screw, a sexual dynamo with a fun outlook on life. She’ll get you hard and get you off, the more generous you are, the harder you get off. Your live financial domination chat with her will involve tons of tiny panties on her great ass, cockteasing, flirty sexy chat, and more than enough teasing to get you prick hard. She’s a natural money mistress – she loves cash and using men to get it. She’s a real sex princess, very sexual and hot as hell – a sexy findomme like you rarely meet, and worth every dollar you spend with her.

Rated ★★★★★ by guests, she’s online for Findom, Foot Fetish, Ass Teasing, Panties.

Ultra sexy financial dominatrix ExclusiveBabi is live for findom webcam chat – she’s a hot doll with a bubble butt and a fetish for money slaves.

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Busty Milf Findomme Wallet Fucks Pay Pigs

busty blonde milf findommeBoobsie milf findomme Rebecca cockteases subs and pay pigs in kinky live financial domination chat. She’s online seeking submissive men with fat wallets to drain and bulging nuts to empty. She enjoys her position as a female superior, a dominant money mistress with a fetish for adoration and cash. Pay her nicely and she’ll treat you like you deserve – like a human wallet. She’s thick as hell with big heavy D cups and a 40 inch ass. She’s a dominant mama and very sexual dominatrix for findom, ready to get you off while emptying your bank account for the pretty things you’re going to have to buy for her. She’s earned her 5 star rating from members, who love her big boobs and heavy hips. She’s physically dominant as well as mentally cruel. She’s great at verbal humiliation and making submissive men obey her, down to the last penny. She’s a slut for your cash, willing to do whatever it takes to get you off!

Rated ★★★★★ by members, she’s in chat for Cuckolding, Financial Domming, Humiliation, Squirting.

Big boobs Milf Findomme SquirtRebecca is online for findom webcam chat and she’s looking for fat wallet men to pay her like a princess.

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Cash Mistress Screws Wallet Pigs in Findom Webcam Chat

cash mistressDominant cash mistress Katja financially screws wallet pigs in kinky findom webcam chat. She’s a hyper-sexual dominatrix with a fetish for other peoples cash, a nut drainer, billfold emptying money maven who will give you the private financial domination chat of a lifetime. This hot blonde cash mistress loves doing fetish chat in private sessions – she needs you one-on-one to properly dominate and humiliate you. She’ll find your flaws fast, and use them to make you her footstool. She enjoys gets off being the object of worship, and will expect you to drain your bank account and adore her pretty feet in private findom chat. She has a ton of members wrapped around her pretty little fingers, and she’s always looking for more men. Pay piggies and sugar daddies are much preferred! She seeks generous men seeking mistress/slave relationship. She’ll make you pay and pay for her sweet attention.

Rated: ★★★★★ by 153 members with a 100% approval rating. Fetishes: Money Domination, Small Penis Humiliation, Cash Mistress Worship, Cuckolding, Sissification.

Hot blonde findomme KatjaBlake is live for C2C money domination – she seeks pay pigs for cash worship in private chat.

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