Findomme Online for Pay Pigs

Sweet Sophie’s a greedy findomme on the look out for pay pigs to serve her. Do you think you have what it takes to be her paying pig?

She expects her piggies to be available to serve her 24/7. I’m basically on call to tribute her. Whenever and wherever. We do findom cam sessions on mobile, and I either transfer money directly into her account, or buy a gift card and tell her the number and pin in our chat. She waits, not so patiently I might add, insulting me throughout the process.

She does findom on cam and she has a set of requirements that her paypigs have to come up to. Some questions to ask yourself to see if you meet her standards:

  1. Are you generous to the point of profigacy?
  2. Are you a complete submissive who will put Sophies interests above and in front of your own?
  3. Are you a real money slave? Not a splenda daddy, or a findomme

She’s a ravishing money mistress doing findom webcam sessions and seeking generous submissive men to extravagantly tribute her. Her turn-ons include money slaves begging for her attention and paying her for punishment.

She is very spoiled, and avaricious to the point of predatory. She routinely makes new requests. For gifts, pay her rent, pay her car note. But most of all she demands just cash. I’ve had to give up all of my hobbies and lighten the load at the grocery. At this rate, I’ll have to get a second job, or a much better first job.

When I complained that I was about tapped out, she said, “That doesn’t matter to me. About isn’t tapped out. You will pay me until you are completely tapped out.” She reminded me that my job as a paypig was to, “fucking pay” and upped my tribute for the week as punisment. Then for good measure she made me drop my pants so she could laugh at my cock, which granted is a bit on the small side.

miss sophieeAnd in the end, like the pathetic paypig that I am, I conceded to her demands and paid up. And she’ll do the same to you. She’ll be coy, demanding, greedy, and ruthless, and if you’re a proper money slave looking for a righteous findomme for webcam financial domination, you’ll pay up – because she deserves it.

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